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So far we've trained close to 1,500 Fairfax County Ambassadors. Join this elite group so that you can offer the BEST service to your customers and entice potential clients to our fabulous destination.

The Visit Fairfax 2-hour interactive training is FREE. The Ambassador Program:

  • teaches Ambassadors about many of the sites and attractions located in the County and the region and how to use Visit Fairfax resources - and the Visitors Guide
  • offers a wealth of information to sales managers for proposal preparation
  • provides networking ideas and experiences which foster camaraderie in the Fairfax County hospitality community
  • introduces customer service tips so that Ambassadors can offer exceptional service to their customers that exceed expectations


Ambassadors participate in educational, yet fun activities to reinforce their learning. During this exciting session, Ambassadors are "tipped" with FX Bucks (play money) and gifts from attractions for their class participation. At the end of the training, they receive an Ambassador pin to wear proudly as a symbol of membership in the exclusive force of Fairfax County Ambassadors.


Who should attend? Fairfax County hotel, attraction and restaurant employees and managers who have contact with customers or potential clients.


Can I host a session? YES! We would love to hold a future session at your site. We have been fortunate to have had numerous hotels and attractions host our training. All you need to do is the following:

  • Identify at least 10 staff from your organization to attend. We'll invite others and will limit it to no more than 30 people. Usually we have less than 20.
  • Provide a conference room with table rounds and internet access.
  • Provide a light snack.
  • Email Sue Porter, Director of Visitor Services, to discuss a convenient date.


Can I contribute some promotional items that highlight my site or attraction? Absolutely! We give away several promotional items during each class and could definitely use some small items to reward our new Ambassadors for their participation in the class. Email Sue Porter, Director of Visitor Services,


Sign Up Now! Here's Why in the Words of New Ambassadors:


"There is so much more available than you know to enhance your visit. Virginia is for lovers, just check out Fairfax County and see why!
         - Eddie E.

"This time has been engaging, insightful and inspirational. We had fun and learned more about where we live and work--we can visit these places, too!"

         - Jessica

"What a great learning tool. I can't wait to bring back what I've learned to work and help guests enjoy things they don't know about."

         - A. Minter

"On one particular day, I was able to talk to a family of five, visiting from the West Coast. The parents were home schooling their children and were very interested when I told them about the Sesquicentennial [the kids loved learning that word and it's meaning!]. I told them I lived in Fairfax County and about some of the many things Fairfax has to offer, especially at this important historical time. The parents asked a lot of questions about Fairfax that, as a result of my training and site visits as an Ambassador, I was prepared to answer and expand upon. They said they were going to check the web site that night - they had some extra days in their schedule and it seemed like Fairfax would be a worthwhile find to pursue! I feel sure that they used a few days to visit Fairfax County and enhance their East Coast visit."
          - Sue