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At Visit Fairfax, our main mission is to give you the information you need to plan the best Virginia vacation possible. We've put together collections of the most exciting Virginia attractions and things to do in Fairfax County, VA.  Search effortlessly by category to find attractions in Virginia, sites to see and things to do, choosing the activities that will make your trip to Fairfax County a memorable one.

Visit Northern Virginia & Connect With Your Passions

During Your Virginia Vacation, Don't Miss Out on the Hottest Northern Virginia Tourist Attractions  

When going on a vacation, people seek different "experiences" that will satisfy their individual passions.  The place you choose to visit should consist of a variety of authentic activities that allow you, as the tourist, to have a truly specialized vacation. Fairfax County has the ability to do that for you. Plan your Virginia vacation around the sights and sounds that best suit your interests. Find the most entertaining attractions in Virginia for you, your family and your friends!

Unlike other Virginia vacations, our bit of land up north offers everything for families, music lovers, adventurers, and more. Be active and take a look at our list of sport and recreation activities. Or, if you are a history buff, learn about Fairfax's role in the Civil War and learn about Northern Virginia's history and heritage. Travel back in time as you visit the numerous historical attractions in Virginia. The wealth of knowledge and living history found at our museums will make great conversation at night when you're heading out for some evening activities during your Virginia vacation. Reconnect with your artistic side, or celebrate the great outdoors, you can find that within many Virginia attractions as well. Feed into your playful side as you visit the music and theater scene of Fairfax.

As you can see by the different categories above, we've done some of the work for you.  Now it's up to you to find the Virginia attractions that will connect you with your passion and that will make for the perfect Virginia vacation! 

So start building your own Fairfax County, Virginia vacation experience now. It's time to connect.