Visit Fairfax plans to direct a portion of our marketing outreach to seven specific events/visitor experiences (including the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the MLB All-Star Game) in the coming months. Your business can benefit from these efforts at NO extra cost with special packaging opportunities. You should have recently received the below email.  Read through it for information on how you can collaborate with us this spring.

Dear Fairfax County Tourism Partners:

Happy New Year!  We want to thank you for all of your support throughout the past year and also give you a quick look at our upcoming campaigns.  Visit Fairfax plans to direct a portion of our marketing outreach to seven specific events/visitor experiences in the coming months.  You can showcase your business at NO COST through any special offer relating to these events or visitor experiences:





Cirque du Soleil

April – May

Cirque will once again be setting up its Big Top in Tysons this Spring with its amazing performance of Luzia (note:  the performances could be extended into June).  There are only a few cities in the U.S. that will host performances of Luzia.  Packages or offers could include a “show your ticket” element.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival

March 20 – April 15

Fairfax County will again host a number of official Cherry Blossom Festival events, and we will be promoting this internationally renowned event through a number of our distribution channels.  Take advantage of the large-scale interest in this regional event.

Rolling Thunder

Memorial Day Weekend

Visitors come from far and wide for this special weekend.  Visit Fairfax will be conducting highly targeted marketing to those who are thinking about participating.

MLB All-star Game

July 17

The game will be held at Nationals Park on July 17 but events will be happening for days before and after.  We will be promoting stays in Fairfax County to potential visitors.

Birding – Spring Season

March – June

“Birders” travel on average for 12 days every year in pursuit of their passion, and Fairfax County is on the Atlantic Flyway!  Visit Fairfax conducted a highly successful campaign last spring that will be repeated this year.  Hop (or fly) on board by developing an offer designed specifically to appeal to birders.

Craft Brew


The interest in Craft Brew is sweeping the nation, and Fairfax County is home to 7 independent and locally owned breweries.  Visit Fairfax will soon be unveiling a new campaign that highlights our local breweries and our stakeholders who want to get in on this national movement.

(local county residents)


It’s not too late to join the LoveShare movement, show support for our neighbors in need, and showcase your business as one that cares.  Over 2,000 consumers have already downloaded the LoveShare app!   Get the details and submit your offer at


Visit Fairfax will employ a number of different media types and distribution channels to engage each of these audiences.  In every case though, the media will drive visitors to a custom landing page designed to inspire visitors based on their unique interests.  As part of our message on those landing pages, we plan to feature our hotels, restaurants, and attractions that have created special packages or offers based on that particular event or visitor experience.  If you would like to be featured, just tell us about your offer or package; we will do the rest.  You may submit offers directly into the Partner Extranet, send us an email, or give us a call (703-752-9506).  We also welcome the chance to help you brainstorm a unique and engaging offer.  Here are the basics:


  • Cost:  NONEThere is no cost to participate with an offer for any of these campaigns. 
  • Packages:  can literally be anything.  Keep in mind that the marketing will by highly targeted.  Therefore, the most interesting offers may be those that are designed to appeal to those coming for a specific reason.  Visit Fairfax will also be conducting a general spring banner campaign and will be promoting any general offers as well.
  • Deadline:  there are no official deadlines, and you may submit an offer at any time until the campaign concludes; however, you may miss out on an opportunity if your offer or package is not in place prior to the events.  Most of these campaigns will be actively promoted beginning in February.
  • Requirements:  Very few.  You simply need to ensure that your staff is able to redeem or execute the offer/package when a visitor requests it.  There is no additional need to track redeemed offers.

We’d love to showcase as many of you as we can!  Please touch base with any questions. 

Yours in hospitality,

Visit Fairfax