GULF SHORES, Ala. (Nov. 16, 2016) — The votes are in! ConventionSouth’s readers and Facebook fans have selected their top 10 picks for “The South’s Cool Spots For Summer Events.” In late October, ConventionSouth Editors compiled a Facebook ballot with a list of 35 meetings destinations that are well fit for summer meetings as they offer escape from the summer heat. From those 35 “Cool Spots,” including breezy mountain retreats, refreshing rivers and oceanfront resort towns, fans were asked to vote for their top picks. Fairfax County is a "Cool Spot!"

“Meeting Planners and event organizers from across the country look for unique destinations in the South to hold their meetings and events. ConventionSouth’s 2017 list of the ‘South’s Cool Spots For Summer Meetings’ provides these planners with exciting destinations to cool off during the South's summer heat,” said ConventionSouth Editor Marcia Bradford. “By offering a place to stay cooler during the hot summer months, meeting planners can boost attendance and create a more comfortable experience for participants and therefore, increase the success of the gathering.”

The following list of 10 cities gained the top votes. The January print and digital issue of ConventionSouth will share this list with meeting planners from across the country that book meeting sites in the South. Cities appear in order by votes received.

1. Chattanooga, Tennessee
2. Fort Smith, Arkansas
3. Fairfax, Virginia
4. Jefferson City, Missouri
5. Greene County, Tennessee
6. Annapolis, Maryland
7. Jacksonville, Florida
8. Columbia, Missouri
9. Conway, Arkansas
10. Gulf Shores, Alabama

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