Did you know that “birders” travel on average for 12 days every year in pursuit of their passion? Visit Fairfax conducted a highly successful, HSMAI Adrian Award-winning campaign last spring targeting these travelers to showcase Fairfax County’s wildlife product along the “Atlantic Flyway.” We will be expanding the campaign this spring and you can get involved! Learn more below.


Where Can I See This Birding Webpage?

You can see our custom birding landing page right here.

What About Those Good Looking Ads?

Take a look at some of the print ads we ran in publications like BirdWatching Magazine and Birding Magazine here, here, and here.  We also ran a creative and interactive Canvas ad on Facebook.  Watch that ad right here

How Can My Business Get Involved?

“Birders” travel on average for 12 days every year in pursuit of their passion, and Fairfax County is on the Atlantic Flyway!  Visit Fairfax conducted a highly successful campaign last spring that will be repeated this year.  Hop (or fly) on board by developing an offer designed specifically to appeal to birders.  You can submit those offers through the Partner Extranet (email Ali Morris if you need a log-in) or send them directly to us via email.

Does your attraction hold weekly/monthly bird walks or events that have to do with birding/wildlife?  Submit those to us here: www.fxva.com/events/submit