Spring has officially landed in Fairfax County! The birds are chirping, the blooms are bustling, and our local restaurants and bars are infusing bright fruits and flowers into their recipes! If you're on the quest for the perfect cocktail to celebrate the season, look no further. These floral and fruity beverages from our local restaurants bring all the colors of spring straight to your glass. 

Wren - Petal in the Wind

Petal in the Wind Wren TysonsPhoto courtesy Wren via Facebook

Get ready to be swept away by the Petal in the Wind cocktail at Wren, located within The Watermark Hotel in Tysons, VA! This delightful libation features a blend of strawberry-infused Roku gin, elevated with the delicate flavors of St. Germaine and a zesty squeeze of lemon. But what really makes this drink soar is the velvety texture created by the egg white, which adds a touch of decadence and luxury to every sip. With its bright pink hue and whimsical name, the Petal in the Wind is the perfect way to kick off the arrival of the cherry blossoms in #FXVA


Agora - Thyme to Bloom

Agora Thyme to Bloom
Photo courtesy Agora Tysons via Facebook

Sip into spring with the Thyme to Bloom cocktail from Agora Tysons! This refreshing cocktail is a playful mix of vodka, bubbly prosecco, and a delicious honey-thyme syrup, all topped off with a zesty squeeze of lemon. The result is a fizzy, herbaceous drink that's perfect for sipping on a sunny afternoon or sharing with friends over dinner. With its bright flavors and festive bubbles, this cocktail is perfect to start the new season. 


TRIO Grill - The Floral Experience 

TRIO Grill - Floral - RestaurantsPhoto courtesy TRIO Grill

This light and refreshing lavender-infused cocktail just screams spring! Head to TRIO Grill in Merrifield to try The Floral Experience - made with Tanqueray Sevilla Orange gin, lavender, peppercorn, elderflower, lime, and Angostura orange bitters. Topped with flowers, this cocktail is almost too pretty to drink.


Makers Union Pub for the People - Matcha Garden

Matcha Garden Makers UnionPhoto courtesy Makers Union Pub for the People via Facebook

Sip on your zen in liquid form at Makers Union Pub for the People with the brightly-colored Matcha Garden! This delightful concoction is a refreshing blend of Catoctin Creek Watershed gin, matcha, and a sweet and spicy honey ginger syrup, all balanced out with a zesty squeeze of lemon and a touch of orgeat. 


North Italia - Sparkling Rosé Sangria 

North Italia SangriaPhoto courtesy North Italia

Stop and smell the rosé at North Italia in Reston and Tysons! The Sparkling Rosé Sangria is a brunch favorite, containing Cleto Chiarli Brut de Noir Rosé from Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Order by the glass, or take a pitcher - it'll last longer! 


Urbano Mosaic - Prickly Pear Margarita

Prickly Pear MargaritaPhoto courtesy Urbano Mosaic via Facebook 

This colorful cocktail from Urbano Mosaic is giving "vacation in a glass" vibes! The Prickly Pear Margarita is the pear-fect pick. This bright pink refreshing cocktail is served on the rocks and offered in three different sizes. 


La Sandia Tysons - La Sandia Margarita

La Sandia Margarita - Restaurants - Tysons
Photo courtesy La Sandia Tysons

Watermelon flavors and sunshine go hand-in-hand, and this deliciously fruity cocktail from La Sandia Mexican Kitchen and Bar doesn't disappoint. The signature La Sandia Margarita is made with watermelon and cucumber-infused Blanco tequila, fresh watermelon, and lime. Plus, since it's available year-round, you can go back for more during the summer too! 


Glory Days Grill - Berry Sangria and White Peach Sangria

Glory Days Grill Sangria
Photo courtesy Glory Days Grill

If you need more fruit in your diet, these modern twists on sangria from Glory Days are a great start! Whether you drink white or red, they've got you covered. For the red wine drinkers, the Berry Sangria infuses fresh-cut fruit with red wine, brandy, and fruit juices! For those who prefer white wine, the White Peach Sangria is a delicious take on traditional sangria with white wine, brandy, peach schnapps, peach nectar, and fresh-cut fruit. Glory Days has several locations throughout Fairfax County, including CentrevilleFairfax/ViennaRestonHerndonBurkeLorton, and Falls Church


Tiki Thai Reston - Mai Tai

Tiki Thai RestonPhoto courtesy Tiki Thai Reston

Tiki Thai Reston's concoctions are some of the prettiest around! Escape to their exotically-decorated Tiki Bar that takes you to a tropical oasis, and sip on a sweet Mai Tai. Take your pick from two variations offered on the menu. Mai Thai #1 features Aged Rhum Agricole, Blended Jamaican Rum, Dry Curacao, orgeat, and lime. Mai Thai #2 is composed of Blended Jamaican Rum, grapefruit, lime, honey, Dry Curacao, Falernum, and bitters. Yum!

Did your favorite spring cocktail make the list? If not, let us know in the comments below what should be added to this roundup! Or share your fave cocktail photos with us on social media using #FXVA and @VisitFairfax. For more spring activities, check out our guide to spring in Fairfax County.