Pet Friendly in Fairfax County

We here in Fairfax County love our pets. And it's always been that way. Pet-friendly accommodations, attractions, parks and more await you and your best friend for your pet-friendly DC getaway or pet-friendly Captial Region vacation. For example, feel like taking a canine cruise on the Potomac River? Yeah, we've got that! Want to stroll along the monuments and memorials at the National Mall? Go for it. Here are some more fascinating tidbits and helpful information to know while planning your trip to Northern Virginia.

George Washington

Pet-Friendly People

Enjoy pet-friendly Virginia at George Washington's Mount Vernon! Our most famous resident, George Washington, absolutely loved dogs and had many of them roaming the grounds of his beloved Mount Vernon. Another little known fact is that Washington is...  More
Heavenly Pet Beds

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Our love for being around pets literally spans centuries. And we're pleased that this tradition continues today with more than 50 pet-friendly hotels for you to choose from in all corners of Fairfax County. These hotels are ready to roll out the...  More
Dogs at Mount Vernon

Pet-Friendly Parks & Places

On your Capital Region vacation, you'll find yourself in close proximity to many of the area's most famous pet-friendly attractions. We're talking National Parks, historic cemeteries, presidential estates and more! Plus, there are plenty of dog parks...  More

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