Looking for a safe and family-friendly way to celebrate the spooky season of Halloween? Buckle up and head on out to some of the best home haunts in Fairfax County, where local residents deck out their homes with ghosts, goblins, monsters, and ghouls.

Here are a few homes to add to your route, but keep checking back as more will be added as they become available.

But, make sure to see them before Halloween Night, as many come down immediately after.  

**Reminder: These are private properties, so please respect the owners’ homes and stay out of the light display and yard when visiting, and please, do not block driveways.

610 Spring St, Herndon

Historic Herndon Halloween House, 2021Image courtesy Colleen Delawder

This year, The Historic Herndon Halloween House is celebrating its 17th year with “The Best of The Historic Herndon Halloween House,” taking a look back at past years and themes, as well as highlighting some of the "most-looked-forward-to" yard display items. Remember, there are certain things that show up more clearly during the day and others that are best seen at night. The owners suggest coming in the early evening, before the sun goes down, to see everything in the daylight and then taking a stroll through The Town of Herndon and dine at one of its great local restaurants. After dinner, when the Halloween House lights have come on, come back for another look in the dark. It’s a great way to spend an evening in Historic Herndon.

13204 Stone Heather Dr, Herndon

Halloween Home Displays - Herndon, VA
Image courtesy Wendy Callarman Hunt

In its 22nd year of a bright lights display, this local family-oriented favorite in the Oak Hill neighborhood of Herndon features more than 5,000 lights, numerous animated and inflatable decorations, and a spooky walkway under Leyland cypresses (great to walk through with the kids). Beware of the ghosts flying overhead and the witches stirring their cauldrons! Snap photos of the pumpkin heads, witches, and ghosts, and don't miss special appearances by Snoopy and even Hello Kitty! 

3006 Rosemoor Lane, Fairfax

Hollyween Light Display
Image courtesy Holly Zell

Welcome to the HOLLYWEEN MEMORIAL CEMETERY. Enter through the driveway/graveyard, past the fresh grave, and the skeletal cook who is busy mixing potions, to get your "treats" from the man in the coffin. Be sure to visit the mausoleum full of silly-named residents before you leave. Beware the giant spider doesn't get you and drag you into his web. For more on HOLLYWEEN and her handmade props, check out her Facebook group here.

415 Queens Row St, Herndon

Queen Street - Halloween Light Display
Image courtesy Holly Zell

Monsters, Ghouls and Goblins! The Beastro at Queens Row was conjured up as a place for monsters to gather during Halloween to enjoy putrified dishes or catch up over a drink. Happy Halloween!

7302 Rhondda Dr, Lorton

Halloween Home Lights, Lorton
Image courtesy Craig Rupert

Spooky scarecrows and ghosts lurk at this decked out home in Lorton with a mixture of animatronic, homemade, and inflatable creations. This small but scary display is well worth a visit!

1604 Jubilation Ct, Herndon

Halloween Lights at Jubilation CourtImage courtesy Ryan McDonnell

This interactive Halloween light show in Herndon is synced to music over 87.9 FM and consists of over 10 Halloween-themed songs for all ages. Guests walking by can also tune in by turning on outside speakers at an interactive station (switch through songs or start the show from the beginning!). The display also includes giant singing jack-o-lanterns, ghosts singing back-up, a pirate ship overrun with skeleton pirates, and a foggy crypt. Learn more and check out the show online too!

4401 Dolphin Ln, Alexandria

Dolphin Road Halloween Light Display
Image courtesy Holly Zell

Do you go into "Spirit Halloween" stores every year to see the new animated figures? Well, this display features years of them, about 70 "Spirit" animated figures in a walk-through yard haunt, arranged in groupings of scarecrows, clowns, witches, monsters, a King with his dragons and horsemen breathing smoke, plus a graveyard with pirates. This one can really scare the little ones but is quite a sight and sound extravaganza for the brave.

1911 Stirrup Ln, Alexandria

Stirrup St - Halloween Light Display
Image courtesy Holly Zell

Bones, bones, and more bones surround this corner home, set up in various scenes. There is a pet cemetery, a dinosaur cemetery with a giant, growling T-Rex, a western Hoe-Down with singing pumpkins, singing pirates, and a dragon graveyard. There’s even a skeleton dog walker carrying a bag of poo. Fog machines fill the air with spooky vibes!

5109 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria

Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy Halloween Light Display
Image courtesy Holly Zell

Three 12-foot skeletons lord over the family barbeque, but if you cross them, you become part of the meal. Two skeleton victims spinning over the bone-fueled bonfire learned this lesson just a bit too late.

For more Halloween fun and events - both virtual and in-person, go here. Scares and spooks not your thing? Check out the fall foliage viewing and scenic fall drives in the area, or just take a trip to the pumpkin patch before the season is over.

Are there other homes you know of that aren't on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Find even more great Halloween and Christmas home displays, check out Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights' special Halloween page or join her Facebook group for the latest on Halloween and Christmas light displays in the neighborhoods of Northern Virginia.