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In the midst of the military monuments and memorials that make up the National Capital Region, Fairfax County, Virginia is the ideal place to stay during the Vietnam War Commemorative Events taking place between May 11 and May 13. Our proximity to Washington, D.C., our unique attractions, and our affordable pricing make us one of the best values in the area. We would love to host and to pay tribute to those who fought for this country and also continue to remind us that “freedom is not free.” 

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Vietnam War Commemoration Event Details

Camp Legacy will expand on the story of our Vietnam veterans and the contributions of individual citizens, our allies, the Services and nongovernmental organizations during the Vietnam War period. It will feature a Plaza of Appreciation with entertainment, interactive engagements, historical and museum exhibits, Vietnam period static helicopter and vehicle displays, rally points, a Veteran Services Hub, Continuing Legacy Hub and a place for veterans and their families to gather. 

  • Rally Points– Places to gather, relax, and enjoy music and programs on the ceremonial stage.

  • Parade Ground – scheduled activities and performances throughout the day by military musical units and other groups.

  • Two static display areas featuring Vietnam period helicopters and vehicles.

  • Historial, museum,allied nation and association tents highlighting their Vietnam period exhibits, artifacts  and involvement. 

  • A Veterans Service Hub, featuring Wreaths Across America, AAFES, Veterans Affairs, Voices of Freedom oral history studio, and veterans' service organizations.

  • A sheltered pavilion for veterans and families to gather, relax and snack.

  • And more! 

Vietnam War Commemoration Opening Ceremony

Join us for the formal ribbon cutting ceremony opening Camp Legacy - the hub for all activities surrounding the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration. 

Vietnam War Commemoration Multimedia Celebration

A program with live music, video montages and multimedia features, telling the story of the Vietnam War period and paying tribute to our Vietnam veterans, their families, and those who supported them.

Memorial Walk and Roll

A 2-mile Pilgrimage of Remembrance beginning at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and concluding at Camp Legacy.


Dean Miller

Dean Miller

National Sales Manager, Groups


Contact Dean for information on bringing your group of 10 or more rooms to Fairfax County for this special commemoration.


Vietnam War Commemoration FAQ

What is the Vietnam War Commemoration?

The Vietnam War Commemoration is a national effort in the United States to honor and recognize the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served in the military during the Vietnam War. The Commemoration was authorized by Congress in 2008 and began in 2012 with the goal of thanking and honoring Vietnam veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.

The Vietnam War Commemoration includes a series of events and activities throughout the country to honor veterans and their families. These events include parades, ceremonies, educational programs, and other activities to raise awareness of the sacrifices made during the war. The Commemoration also provides resources and support to help Vietnam veterans and their families access benefits and services available to them.

The Commemoration is overseen by the Department of Defense and involves the collaboration of many organizations, including veterans groups, military organizations, and community organizations. The Commemoration has a designated website where veterans and their families can learn more about the activities and events associated with the Commemoration and how to get involved.

Is this the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War?

The 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War started in 2015 and runs through 2025. The commemoration is an ongoing effort to recognize and honor the service, valor, and sacrifice of Vietnam veterans and their families during the Vietnam War.

Is there a memorial for the Vietnam War?

Yes, there is a national memorial in the United States to honor the men and women who served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also known as "The Wall," is located in Washington, D.C., on the National Mall.

Is there a special day for Vietnam Veterans?

March 29th is designated as National Vietnam War Veterans Day, a day to recognize and thank the men and women who served during the Vietnam War.

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